BTS RM “I’ll cheer up until the day we meet again at Wembley”

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of BTS and ARMY. And thank you.”

Boy group BTS‘ leader RM (real name Kim Nam Joon, 29) said “Thank you for supporting us without leaving” in the corner “5 PM, this is Kim Nam Joon” of “BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA” held around Hangang Park in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of June 17th.

RM shared, “All of my dark history is stuffed on SoundCloud, blog and Twitter, and it gradually came up on the 10th anniversary. Thank you for being with BTS (over the past 10 years), from young middle school and high school students to office workers and members of society.”


This event was the highlight of “BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA”. It drew attention as it was the only place where the members appeared in person. Considering safety issues, only 3,000 people selected through a lottery system in advance entered the venue named “ARMY Lounge”.

Fans greeted RM with placards “Congratulations on BTS’ 10th anniversary“, “I love you“…

RM transformed into a one-day DJ and hosted the event by reading the stories of the selected fans.

After reading a fan’s story that the first BTS concert they attended was at Wembley Stadium in England, RM replied, “I’ll cheer up until the day we meet again at Wembley and live happily with the members.”

Known for his fluent English skills, he also expressed his thoughts on studying English.

He recalled, “Actually, if I hadn’t become a BTS member, I wouldn’t have studied English that hard. At first, I was taken aback when the agency suddenly told me to do a live interview (in English), but I became good at English as I tried to reach many people.”


He added, “There are many (foreign) people who learn Korean hard to know what we are talking about. I sincerely thank you for learning Korean with love for us because I know how difficult it is to learn a language.”

RM sang “Intro: PERSONA” from BTS’ album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” and his first solo album’s title song “Wild Flower” live. When RM started the performance, 3,000 ARMYs stood up from their seats and waved “ARMY BOMB” (lightstick).

Before wrapping up the event, he said, “I thought about this time next year, and Jin would be the first member to return. I hope he will confidently fill this seat”, adding “Let’s live well together in this world”.

He added, “Time flies, everything changes and I’ve changed a lot, too. I don’t know what emotions I will feel and what we will be doing on our 15th and 20th anniversary, but I’m sure our love will never change.”

Source: Wikitree

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