tvN Drama Surprised Netizens Due To Mentions Of BTS Songs In New Episode’s Ending Scene

The new broadcast of tvN’s Mon-Tue drama “Marry My Husband” showed Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) and Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo) realizing that they were both people from the future.

Ji-hyuk was taken to the emergency room after he collapsed into Ji-won’s arms. The doctor recommended that he do a test because he might have problems with his autonomic nervous system, and asked him about his digestion. Hearing that, Ji-hyuk was worried about Ji-won’s stomach. He told Ji-won to get e test saying “She has a bad stomach. Let’s do a test for her first”.

Ji-won said, “I just had gastritis and got a CT scan recently”, adding “How did you know that I had a bad stomach?”. Ji-hyuk immediately thought of an excuse, saying “Because you often take medicine at work”.

marry my husband

Leaving the emergency room, Ji-hyuk told Ji-won, “I’m a good person”. Ji-won thought to herself, “You’re indeed a good person. But is it possible for me to trust someone like you and start over?”. She decided to draw a line with him, then Ji-hyuk asked her to choose him, saying “It’s hard to prove but I’m a really good person”.

At the end of the episode, Ji-hyuk approached Ji-won, who was listening to BTS songs on the rooftop. As Ji-won dropped her phone, Ji-hyuk saw her screen. He said, “It’s BTS. I like them, too”. Ji-won replied, “Actually, I want to listen to ‘Dynamite’, but I cannot find it here no matter how much I searched for it”.

marry my husband

Ji-won shared, “‘Dynamite’ is the best, but ‘Spring Day’ is my type”. Ji-hyuk said he also liked “Spring Day”. In fact, the two are people from 2023 who returned to the year 2013, even before the releases of “Dynamite” (2017) and “Spring Day” (2020). Noticing the unusual details, Ji-hyuk and Ji-won looked at each other with surprised expressions.

Source: Daum

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