BTS RM, “I’m 76kg so I have to diet now… Jin only weighs 61kg. The world is so unfair”

BTS RM revealed that he currently weighs 76kg and expressed jealousy when comparing himself to other members.

BTS members RM, Suga, and Jimin appeared on a VLIVE broadcast on February 20th. Communicating with fans after such a long time, the three couldn’t hold their excitement and also revealed their recent status ahead of BTS’s concert in March.

The members said that they didn’t take care much care of their bodies and expressed their disappointment, saying, “We have to reflect on ourselves and start losing weight. I have gained lots of weight and become chubbier”.

BTS RM weight

When RM said, “I’m currently 76kg”, Suga responded, “I heard you are 80kg”. RM was surprised for a moment then he bitterly said, “No, I have never reached 80kg in my life. Jin says he weighs 61kg. The height difference between us is 2cm”.

BTS RM weight

RM continued to envy Jin, “He is 61kg and has wide shoulders. This world is so unfair. His bones also look beautiful. He was born with it”. Suga, who revealed his weight to be 63kg, said about Jin, “He has low body fat. But he doesn’t eat. He doesn’t eat because he’s busy playing games”.

BTS RM weight

The members then altogether said, “We now have to improve our physical strength while practicing for the concert. We have to run a lot and build up our bodies”. Jimin shared, “I think we will be able to meet a lot of fans this year. Please wait”.

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