NO:ZE Returns as a Dancer After Legal Dispute

On the 4th day, a direct camera (fancam) video of NO:ZE was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘MBCKPOP.’ In the video, NO:ZE participated as a dancer in the performance of the singer Taemin’s ‘Guilty.’

Fans expressed their happiness in the comments on NO:ZE ‘s fancam video, which was uploaded after a long hiatus following controversies about bullying.

NO:ZE, who gained recognition as a ‘Kai dancer,’ became popular after appearing on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (‘SwooPa’). Interestingly, NO:ZE ‘s fancam videos received even more views than the performances of the singers on the show, attracting attention.

However, in July of the previous year, NO:ZE faced controversy for bullying a small business after receiving an advertisement. After that, Noje temporarily halted their activities.

In the same year, in December, NO:ZE filed a lawsuit for confirming the existence of debt against their agency, Starting House. In February of this year, they applied for a provisional suspension of the exclusive contract’s effectiveness. Both parties admitted their wrongdoings in March, and the conflict was resolved.

Meanwhile, on the 3rd day, Starting House announced the termination of NO:ZE ‘s exclusive contract.

Source: Naver

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