K-netizens Baffled at SM ripping EXO Kai’s pants to give away as keyrings

SM ripped EXO Kai's pants into 1,130 pieces to give away as keyrings for fans coming to theaters to watch "LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI"

The Instiz article regarding this became a hot topic with over 3,500 views as of the afternoon of Feb 19th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

exo kai

Original post: Instiz

– SM is really… impressive in various ways…

– Wow, if my bias also has something like that, I want it.

– But it’s cute though…

– They used to sell DNA in the past, so it’s not surprising.

– But from a fan’s perspective, it’s great, lol.

– It’s kind of funny, if it’s my idol, I’d buy it right away..

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