SEVENTEEN appeared on SBS News, “Writing a new history of Kpop”

Members Mingyu, Joshua, Dino, and Woozi of boy group SEVENTEEN recently appeared as news announcers on TV.

On May 3rd, 4 members of SEVENTEEN appeared on SBS-TV’s “Pyun Sang Wook’s News Briefing” as guest announcers. Here, Anchor Pyun Sang Wook introduced them, saying, “The studio has suddenly brightened up. Here are SEVENTEEN, who are writing a new history of K-pop.”

Following the introduction, SEVENTEEN members Mingyu, Joshua, Dino, and Woozi appeared on camera while dressed in suits. As SEVENTEEN topped the first-week sales records in K-pop history with their 10th mini-album “FML”, they were bombarded with related questions.

When asked if they anticipate the pre-order for their album to surpass 4.64 million copies, Woozi answered, “We didn’t anticipate it at all. I’m still stunned. We’re working with a grateful heart.”

Meanwhile, Mingyu recalled the sales of SEVENTEEN’s debut album and said, “Our first album sold 1,400 copies in the first week, but we have now grown about 3,000 times”, adding, “I think we need to repay our Carats (fandom of SEVENTEEN).”

SEVENTEEN then discussed their double title tracks, “F*ck My Life” and “Super” (Korean title “Son Wukong” or “Son O Gong”, a mythical monkey king from “Journey to the West”). About “F*ck My Life”, Mingyu explained that in the midst of a cruel world, SEVENTEEN wanted to convey positive energy and hope to all youths.

Regarding the other title track “Super”, he explained, “We portrayed the evolving SEVENTEEN as having the same energy as Son Wukong. We metaphorically used Son Goku to convey the message that we will continue to progress.”

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN conducted a world tour for six months starting last year from the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, and traveling to 22 cities worldwide.

About their world tour, Joshua said, “We even had additional performances in Asian stadiums. So many Carats came that the performances were fun.” At the same time, the male idol expressed his hope that their performance provided “a good time for the fans”.

Regarding SEVENTEEN’s next goal, Woozi mentioned, “The vague goal we can talk about now is to make Carats shine more brightly than now.”

Joshua added, “These days, I feel that health is the most important. I hope all our members, Carats, and everyone are healthy and happy.”

Meanwhile, Dino expressed his determination by saying, “I am someone who thinks SEVENTEEN has no limits, considering our recent achievements. I want us to become a group that leaves a mark in history.”

Finally, Mingyu concluded, “I want to keep doing this for a long time with my beloved team. I feel a strong desire to repay rather than expecting results. There will be growth as we keep going.

Previously on April 24th, SEVENTEEN made a comeback with “FML”. The new album sold over 3.99 million copies in just one day, a record-breaking first-day sales for a K-pop group.

SEVENTEEN then continued to top the first-week sales records, selling an astounding 4,552,140 copies of “FML” within a week, surpassing BTS’s “Map of the Soul: 7” first week sales of 3.37 million copies.

At the same time, SEVENTEEN is also doing well on both domestic and overseas music charts. Their title track “Super” topped the real-time charts on Melon and Bugs, and is continuing to chart among Top 10 on domestic platforms. It also topped the “Top Song” chart on iTunes in 36 countries/regions.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will release the music video for their other title, “F*ck My Life”, on May 8th.

Source: Dispatch

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