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“Running Man” Threw The Biggest Craziest Birthday Trip For Ji Seok-jin’s 60th Birthday In Upcoming Ep

Ji Seok-jin is going on a trip for his 60th birthday.

In the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which will be broadcast on the afternoon of December 10th, will feature the fourth tour, Yang Se-chan’s trip. Earlier, “Running Man” organized tours according to the members’ tastes such as “Song Ji-hyo’s Detox Tour,” “Yoo Jae-seok’s Exploration of Cultural Heritage Tour,” and “Omniscient So-min Tour.” This is a long-term project in which cast members design their own trips.

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In the upcoming episode, Yang Se-chan designed Seok-jin‘s 60th birthday trip, “The Return to Mi-seok.” Yang Se-chan expressed his extraordinary ambition, saying, “I’ve only been thinking about Seok-jin for two weeks.”

Ji Seok-jin appeared in a flower kiln from the opening, created an all-time scene of appearance, his juniors created laughter by designing an overwhelming scale of 60th birthday show involving multiple people. The performances done by the members just for Ji Seok-jin included a vocal mimic parade, a power show, and an abdominal massage. Ji Seok-jin heated up the atmosphere by saying, “The situation is funny, but I feel emotions…”

The 60th birthday show “Seok-jin’s 60th birthday trip,” which will arouse both laughter and tears, can be found on “Running Man,” which airs at 6:15 p.m. on the 10th (KST).

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