Via “Hate Rodrigo”, Choi Yena expresses envy and admiration for Olivia Rodrigo

The latest title song of Choi Yena, “Hate Rodrigo”, which is inspired by pop star Olivia Rodrigo, has been officially released. 

At 6PM (KST) on June 27th, the MV for Choi Yena’s latest title song, “Hate Rodrigo” (Feat. Yuqi of (G)I-DLE), has been released, drawing attention. 

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It is known that “Hate Rodrigo” is a track that expresses admiration towards Choi Yena’s object of envy (Olivia Rodrigo), at the same time shows a “cute jealousy” via the message, “I hate everyone who is doing better than me!”. However, in the end, Yena overcomes her denial and admits her love for this same object of envy. 

Choi Yena participated in the lyrics and melody of “Hate Rodrigo”, while the voice of (G)I-DLE Yuqi, who featured in the song, adds to its charm. Via “Hate Rodrigo”, Yena’s honest and direct feeling, which combines envy and admiration, was displayed in a unique way. 

On the other hand, at the press conference for her single album, which was held today (June 27th), Yena explained why she chose to mention Olivia Rodrigo.

“She is an extremely gorgeous, perfect, and admirable figure. Through my somewhat contrasting expression, I hope to convey my love and admiration to her at a maximum level”, the female idol said. 

Source: LSB

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