Police Consider Summoning Lee Sun-kyun Again, “Hostesses At The Bar He Visited Are Professional Gold Diggers”

It is said that the hostesses at the entertainment establishment Lee Sun-kyun visited are professional gold diggers

According to Monthly Joongang on December 11th, an informant who once visited G entertainment establishment talked about the level of female employees (hostesses) there. They said, “Although their ages are higher than that of the so-called ‘tenpro’ or ‘jeomo’ bars, their eloquence and customer service are involved in their hostess skills. Most of them try to captivate sponsors when they are in their prime times. These women have surpassed the level of gold diggers, they are professional gold diggers. They have been providing entertainment for guests since their young age and they can play golf very well”.

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Officials in the entertainment industry also reacted that they were not surprised when they learned that Lee Sun-kyun got involved in such incidents.

According to the police earlier, Lee Sun-kyun claimed that the female director of the entertainment establishment related to his drug case deceived him into taking drugs and then threatened to expose his drug use for 350 million won.

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As such, entertainment industry insiders focused on the female director’s threats. An official said to Monthly Joongang, “It is a practice in the entertainment industry for hostesses to engage in ‘attract’ big clients to repay the ‘advance payment’ they borrowed from the establishment’s madam. Although Kim was a director, the circumstances wouldn’t have been much different, considering that she was a hostess under the management of a madam.”

Meanwhile, the police are considering summoning Lee Sun-kyun again. At the regular briefing on the 11th, “Regarding Lee Sun-kyun, the investigation is underway for not only the drug charges but also the fact that the actor sued the female director for blackmailing”, adding “If the investigation proceeds a little more regarding the blackmail case, we will review the decision to summon Lee Sun-kyun”.

Source: Daum

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