Ailee makes her first broadcast appearance after announcing marriage “Ripening beauty + perfect live performances”

The "bride-to-be" Ailee revealed her happy face

On the May 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “SynchroU”, Ailee, Kim Jo-han, NMIXX’s Haewon and Kim Jung-min appeared as dream artists. Ailee, who appeared through AI in the first episode, appeared in person this time.

In the first round, Ailee sang IVE’s “ELEVEN”. Ailee, who appeared on stage after completing the first round, shared her thoughts, “I watched last week’s episode. I was so surprised that I thought ‘Have I ever recorded this song?’ while listening to it.


Hoshi commented, “We were even moved by that song.” Ailee burst out laughing, saying, “How could you not know?” This exchange was particularly amusing because they had both been trainees at the same agency.

In the second round, Ailee performed H1-KEY’s “Rose Blossom”. After the performance, Hoshi remarked “Ailee was amazing. I missed her voice so much after last week’s episode. She’s like a rose blossoming between buildings. Her live performance was touching“, implying that Ailee sang live.

Yook Sung-jae agreed, “It even felt like she sang with a bit more restraint.” The VCR showed Ailee with a confusing expression, adding to the intrigue. The “SynchroU” members predicted that Ailee’s performance was live rather than AI.

When the second-round results were announced, Ailee returned to the stage to confirm her live performance. The “SynchroU” members cheered, and Ailee captivated the audience with her flawless singing.


Hoshi praised, “When we had evaluations as trainees, she always blew everyone away like this.” Ailee jokingly replied, “I was listening to see if you would get it right this time.”

In the third round, Ailee performed a duet of “Wild Flower” with Haewon. The “SynchroU” members initially thought Ailee’s voice was AI, but she delivered a live performance that moved everyone.

Meanwhile, Ailee announced her marriage last March. A representative from her agency Pop Music told My Daily, “They are continuing to date with the goal of getting married next year.” On May 14th, it was revealed that Ailee’s fiancé is Choi Si-hun, a businessman and actor known for his appearance on “Single’s Inferno” in 2021.

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