Han Sunhwa outcast controversy arose once again “Secret’s discord tag continues”

The "outcast" controversy surrounding former Secret member-actress Han Sunhwa arose once again, garnering attention from netizens

This controversy arose when Jun Hyoseong posted photos of Secret members gathering to celebrate Jung Hana’s birthday through her personal channel on Feb 20th.

In the photos, Jun Hyoseong, Song Jieun and Jung Hana are seen posing together, displaying an affectionate atmosphere.

Han Sun-hwa

Last October, they also gathered to commemorate Secret’s 14th debut anniversary. Their unwavering friendship over the years warmed many people’s hearts.

However, Han Sunhwa was absent from both occasions, leading to online speculation and interpretations, such as the “Han Sunhwa outcast theory” and even the “Secret discord theory”.

Secret debuted in 2009 with Jun Hyoseong, Song Jieun, Jung Hana and Han Sunhwa. However, Han Sunhwa left the group in 2016 while still under contract with the agency.


At the time, it was stated that Han Sunhwa expressed her intentions to focus on acting after many years of group activities. It was emphasized that there was never any discord between her and the other members or the agency. However, suspicions grew due to remarks or behaviors hinting at conflicts among them during their activities.

For this reason, controversies surrounding discord and outcast among the members persisted for years after Han Sunhwa’s departure.

The gathering this time, instead of being seen as a meaningful reunion of Secret members reminiscing about their longstanding friendship and memories, has intensified bitterness due to netizens’ heightened interest in Han Sunhwa’s whereabouts.


Netizens expressed negative reactions, questioning why Han Sunhwa was excluded from the gathering and speculating on possible tensions between her and the other members.

On the other hand, Secret’s fans are supportive, defending the members’ decision to gather without Han Sunhwa, suggesting that perhaps she herself may not have wanted to attend due to potential discomfort or awkwardness.

Source: Nate

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