Lee Se-young is definitely an insane beauty, from being MBC’s Savior to KBS’ Rom-com Queen

Lee Se-young, who has been in this acting career since she was a child, met another representative work. She is showing an outstanding performance in the KBS drama “The Law Cafe.”

The Law Cafe” is a drama based on the original web novel of the same name by Noh Seung-ah, which recorded more than 25 million views. The drama had a 7.1% viewer rating from the first episode and has been ranking first in the same timeslot among all channels since its first broadcast, signaling the beginning of a good recovery for KBS’ drama department.

the law cafe

In the 4th episode, which aired on Sep 13th, the main characters Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) and Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) gained attention with their extraordinary chemistry. On this day, Kim Yu-ri looked at Kim Jung-ho and said, “I want to kiss you.” Kim Jung-ho stuttered in response, “Hey, Kim Yu-ri, we have discussed already. We are like brother and sister in a family…”. Kim Yu-ri then blocked what Kim Jung-ho about to say and kissed him. “I don’t want to be just family with you. I want to do something else.” Kim Jung-ho said, “That’s something you should only say you want to,” but Kim Yu-ri kissed Kim Jung-ho once again and he stopped talking. Kim Jung-ho tried to block Kim Yu-ri, but soon kissed Kim Yu-ri back and captivated the viewers.

The Law Cafe

The couple’s heart-throbbing scene clearly affected the ratings. The 4th episode recorded 5.8% in the Seoul metropolitan area and 2.0% among the 20-49 viewers based on Nielsen Korea. It soared to the highest viewer rating of 6.9% per minute, topping the timeslot for two consecutive weeks, and maintaining its solid throne among Monday-Tuesday dramas.

Although the plot of the web novel has already been released and it is a somewhat obvious story, it was thanks to the acting ability of the heroine Lee Se-young that brought the drama to life. She is well-received by the public for her lovely portrayal of the character with her natural acting and charms. Thanks to her solid acting skills, the successful adaptation of “The Law Cafe” fully took advantage of the original novel from the first episode.

The Law Cafe

Lee Se-young has been showing suitable appearances that fit well with every work in her dense filmography. After making her face known with “Dae Jang Geum” and growing through “Dream of the Emperor” and “The Crowned Clown,” she once again garnered more than 17% of ratings with MBC’s “The Red Sleeve.”

Lee Se-young showcased her historical drama queen’s potential in “The Red Sleeve.” She added to the weight of the historical drama by performing her outstanding acting skills, from being sad about the loss of her small freedom when she became a court lady to worrying about separation when she lost her child and her life was at stake.

the red sleeve

It was the first time in three years that an MBC drama has exceeded 10% of ratings, which is why it definitely deserves the title of “MBC’s Savior”. Leading actors Lee Se-young and Lee Joon-ho won eight awards at the MBC Drama Awards, including the Best Drama and Best Couple awards.

Even before winning the highest honor with “The Red Sleeve,” she has already impressed viewers with her roles in “Memorist,” “Doctor John,” and “Kairos.”

lee se young

Lee Se-young, who has undergone sharp tests by viewers since she was young, has now become a trustworthy actress to the public. Even though “The Law Cafe” is still at the first few episodes, attention is already being paid to her next work.

Source: daum

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