Reason Behind Yuzuru Hanyu’s Unexpected Divorce After 3 Months, Identity of the Wife Remains a Mystery

The news of Japanese figure skating icon Yuzuru Hanyu’s divorce after three months of marriage has sent shockwaves 

On November 17, fans were shocked by the unexpected report of Yuzuru Hanyu’s divorce. This even became a trending topic on China’s social media Weibo.

Yuzuru Hanyu

In an official statement, Yuzuru Hanyu disclosed that the decision to part ways with his wife was reached amicably. The athlete also shed light on the reasons behind the divorce.

Yuzuru Hanyu married a non-celebrity woman not long ago. However, once the couple started living together, their lives became subject to constant scrutiny, unwarranted surveillance, and baseless rumors. The invasion of their privacy took a toll, causing Yuzuru Hanyu’s wife to retreat from public life, burdened by an overwhelming pressure that extended to their entire family.

Yuzuru Hanyu

Hanyu lamented, “The media employed every possible tactic to approach my wife. My family had to muster all their strength to shield each other from them.”

Recognizing the nature of the situation for both himself and his partner, Yuzuru Hanyu made the difficult decision to let her go. He expressed a wish for both of them to find happiness and peace in their separate paths.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s wife remains silent. Her identity is still a secret, with the ice skating star keeping his personal life completely well-guarded.

Mayuko Suenobu

When Hanyu announced his marriage in August, Japanese media speculated about the identity of his wife, with Mayuko Suenobu, a 36-year-old professional violinist, emerging as a likely candidate. However, Yuzuru Hanyu did not issue any response to the rumors. 

Born in 1994, Yuzuru Hanyu has achieved monumental success, clinching two Olympic championships. Beyond the dazzling performances on the ice, he is completely low-key about his private life.

Source: K14

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