Moved at what Yoona & Taeyeon did for ShINee at concert in Japan

Overcoming the pain of losing Jonghyun, 4 remaining members of SHINee still strongly stand on the stage because of their fans as well as his dead brother.

However, no matter how strong they are, all of them always feel empty whenever they re-perform old songs with Jonghyun’s energetic voice. In such cases, what SHINee needs the most is the encouragement from their colleagues, especially from SM family

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After their performance, Key posted this photo with caption: “I still know that you are always here. I love you very much”
Fans also couldn’t hold back their tears when witnessing that moment. But everyone encouraged each other not to cry much because “He’s now a diamond on the sky, he is still watching over us. Don’t cry, Jonghyun will hurt”.

Being two of SM artists who are most close to SHINee, Taeyeon and Yoona know clearly how much their brothers need their support. Therefore, the girls didn’t hesitate to fly a long way, from Korea to Japan to attend their concert. Moreover, Taeyeon and Yoona even took memorial photos happily. Though smiles appeared on everyone’s face as a way to tell fans that they were ok, Jonghyun will probably always be in their hearts

An artist‘s life is always busy with schedules, but both Taeyeon and Yoona spent their precious time coming to support SHINee. There would be nothing special if this concert was held in Korea instead of Japan. However, Taeyeon and Yoona didn’t mind about the distance, coming to SHINee, which made Shawols extremely moved

Close relationships between SM artists haven’t been denied or doubted by anyone so far. What 2 members of SNSD recently did for SHINee even proves this truth more. Always having sisters besides them like this, SHINee will surely be stronger and stronger, live better and better so that Jonghyun can always smile on the heaven

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