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NCT 127’s Doyoung Explains Flirting Bubble Messages He Sent To Fans Late At Night

NCT 127 member Doyoung talked about the Bubble messages he sent at dawn

On October 7th, the YouTube channel “Diggle” uploaded the new episode of “The KStar Next Door 3” featuring Haechan, Johnny, Doyoung, and Jungwoo of NCT 127.

In the video, MC Jonathan mentioned the messages Doyoung sent late at night. It was 3:21 a.m., and Doyoung sent the message, “Did I wake you up?”, to fans through the messenger app Bubble.


Regarding the comment saying he flirts with fans all the time, Doyoung hurriedly explained, “No, that’s a setup.”

He continued, “I wanted to write something on Bubble. So I did, but I thought people might be sleeping. I asked in case I woke them up. I wasn’t trying to be romantic”.

He added, “But they found it romantic. Why are they blaming me”, turning the studio upside down with his explanation. 

Hearing Doyoung’s words, Haechan commented, “You flirted”. Johnny added, “You’re the problem”. Jungwoo also said, “You’re a fox”. Haechan exclaimed, “He’s just acting naturally”.

Jonathan then asked, “Does Doyoung flirt a lot?”. Johnny replied, “He even makes my heart pound. But I just realized that it was my fault. Why did I do that”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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