BTS’s V Showed Off Close Relationship With Staff As He Received Touching Gifts Ahead Of Military Enlistment

V received a letter in the form of a rolling paper from the staff ahead of his enlistment

V wrote on his Instagram story on December 10, “Tae Crew’s letter is so cute and I was so touched by the video message that you guys took in a Vlog, my favorite. I’ll be back safely.”

The photo contained a rolling paper letter written by V’s staff with sincerity.

bts v

Under the title of “Super Star V,” the staff left warm messages such as “We have many fun memories,” “Happy birthday,” and “Go back safely from the military.”

Born on December 30, 1996, V joined the military ahead of his birthday. V’s enlistment date is December 11th, and he is scheduled to join the active duty army on the same day with RM. The next day, December 12th, Jimin and Jungkook will join the military side by side.

Source: nate

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