Kang Ji Seop claimed he was a believer in JMS, but left 5 years ago

Amid suspicions that actor Kang Ji Seop was a member of the controversial cult JMS, his agency issued an official statement.

On the afternoon of March 12th, an official from Kang Ji Seop’s agency told media OSEN, “I had a direct phone call with actor Kang Ji Seop, and he said that it was true that he was a member of JMS in the past.”

“However, overtime, he realized that something was strange, and withdrew 5 years ago.He said he has nothing to do with JMS now”, the official also added. 

Regarding the framed picture of Jesus Christ in Kang Ji Seop’s house, which is suspected to be related to JMS, the official affirmed that the actor has nothing to do with JMS after his withdrawal, stating, “I asked what the picture was, but he said that if he really believed in the framed picture of Jesus, he would have hung it in the living room instead of putting it in the corner of the house.”

Meanwhile, the Netflix documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, which was released by Netflix on March 3rd, shed light on various sexual crimes committed by JMS founder Jeong Myung Seok. Since then, speculations have spread through the online community that actor Kang Ji Seop is a JMS believer.

In particular, netizens pointed out that Kang Ji Seop wrote on social media, “Today is the birthday of my life mentor”, on the birth date of Jeong Myung Seok. 

Source: Daum

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