Lee Jung-jae donates 50 million won to senior film industry members

Actor Lee Jung-jae donates 50 million won to Korean senior film industry members

Lee Jung-jae donates a sponsorship fund of 50 million won, including the entire prize money of 20 million won that he received for the Film Artist Award at the 13th Beautiful Artist Awards hosted by the Shin Young-kyun Arts and Culture Foundation on Oct 24th, to the Korean Senior Filmmaker Association.

Actor Lee Jung-jae revealed the motivation for his donation, “Whenever I heard rumors that seniors who dedicated their youth to movies are living laboriously with poverty and illness, I felt sorry as one of the juniors who basked in the afterglow of the seniors. It was painful when I occasionally learned of their lonely departure.”

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Meanwhile, Lee Jung-jae, who is a commercial model for a food company, is planning to deliver instant noodles, instant rice and Noodles in Black Bean Sauce with Minced Meat worth 30 million won. He will also contribute 5 million won worth of massage equipment from a health equipment brand.

Lee Jung-jae began his acting career in 1993 and appeared in over 40 works, including movies such as “The Young Man”, “The Housemaid”, “The Face Reader”, “Assassination” and TV dramas like “Sandglass”. He contributed to the globalization of Korean cinema with last year’s Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series thanks to “Squid Game”. He worked as the director of the movie “Hunt” and continues to be loved by domestic and international audiences as a global star.

Source: Nate

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