From “Jung Hyung Don’s doppelganger”, this celebrity lost 10kg and turned his life around 

After losing a lot of weight, this singer went through a complete transformation and gained a lot of attention. 

On January 5th, Hyomin posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Mino’s talent~ Song Min Ho and Chippy are the best.”

song mino

In the photo, Hyomin was wearing a green beret and light blue knitwear, at the same time imitating the hand gesture drawn on Min Ho’s painting. 

It was known that back in August of last year, Song Min Ho congratulated Hyomin on moving, and presented his signature painting, a picture of a giraffe, as a gift.

Song Mino predebut

Recently, Song Min Ho often updates his current status as a painter in addition to his activities as a singer. As a result, people are developing a higher interest in the male celebrity. 

On the other hand, Song Min Ho’s path to becoming WINNER’s Mino is far from smooth sailing. 

Song Mino predebut

At first, Song Min Ho developed his dream of becoming a singer by rapping with his high school classmate P.O. Afterward, he visited Zico, who was a year older, and formed the debut group of Block B with him as the main axis.

Song Mino predebut

However, Song Min Ho was unable to debut as Block B due to contract issues,  and later joined the ballad group BOM. Having dreamed of becoming a rapper, he revealed the reason for debuting with BOM, saying, “I had to do ballads, but being able to stand on stage is the most important thing”

At the time, Min Ho expressed regret, saying that even though he wrote and composed various songs, they were not registered under his name, so he did not receive any copyright fees. 

After BOM disbanded 2 years later, Min Ho debuted as a member of the YG Entertainment boy group WINNER, and adopted the stage name MINO. 


As WINNER, Song Min Ho released various hit songs such as “Really Really”, “Empty”, “Everyday”, “Millions”, “Love Me Love Me”, “Island”, and “Sentimental”, 

In 2018, when he was actively promoting the album, Min Ho appeared on a radio broadcast and surprised fans by confessing, “I lost 10 kg (for my return), and my body age measurement results come out as 17 years old.”

Song Mino

Previously, Song Min Ho was compared to famous comedian Jung Hyung Don for his chubby cheeks and round face, but this has changed after he lost weight.

On the other hand, Song Min Ho is actively updating his current status as an artist, even announcing a solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England.

Recently, he also challenged the digital art market. In particular, the male celebrity has created an NFT work with the companion bird “Chippy” as his muse, raising public expectations.

Source: Daum

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