Kwanghee left bewildered after watching the eye cream CF in which he was the model 

Kwanghee expressed his disappointment after watching a cosmetics commercial featuring his own face.

On April 5th, an online community post about Kwanghee garnered attention. The post featured a video of Kwanghee seeing a cosmetic ad in which he was the model for the first time. He arrived at the company and was told that the ad had turned out well, to which he eagerly expressed his excitement.


As he watched the commercial with great anticipation, he suddenly realized that his face was not visible, completely overshadowed by the bright effects of the advertised product, AHC’s “Glowing Eye Cream”.

Surprised and disappointed, Kwanghee exclaimed, “What is this? My face isn’t even showing up!” But the production staff seemed pleased with the final product.


The video ended with the phrase “shiny eye cream.” Perhaps because the product’s effect was so excellent, it was shiny as it was, so it even covered Kwanghee’s face.


Netizens responded positively, saying that Kwanghee’s reaction added a comedic touch to the advertisement, and praised the clever connection between the product name and the ad’s bright effects.

It seems that Kwanghee’s dream of starring in a cosmetics commercial did not turn out as he had hoped.

Source: Insight.

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