Here is the story of why actor Lee Byung-hun has been living as an adopted son of a chaebol family for 27 years

The special relationship between actor Lee Byung-hun and the chairman of a chaebol family was recently re-examined.

Not many people know about the relationship between actor Lee Byung-hun, who is well-loved for his amazing acting skills, and Daewoo Group’s former chairman Kim Woo-joong.

According to the information revealed through Channel A’s “Rumor Has It”, Lee Byung-hun became the adopted son of Daewoo Group’s chairman Kim Woo-joong in 1995, forming a special relationship.

Here is the story. Former chairman Kim Woo-joong and Mrs. Jung Hee-ja had three sons and one daughter. However, the eldest son and the future successor of Daewoo Group Kim Seon-jae died in a car accident at the age of 24.

Former chairman Kim Woo-joong and his wife Jung Hee-ja were deeply saddened by the sudden death of their son. Mrs. Jeong Hee-ja even established the Seon-jae Art Center, named after her son, to honor his soul.

Four years after the death of her son, Mrs. Jung accidentally discovered rookie actor Lee Byung-hun who looks exactly like her son on the TV. At that time, Mrs. Jung asked Yoo In-chon, a former model of Daewoo Electronics CF, to arrange a meeting for her and Lee Byung-hun.

At the meeting, Mrs. Jung made a suggestion that Lee Byung-hun became her adopted son. 

Lee Byung-hun was very surprised by the suggestion of getting adopted at first, but he readily accepted the proposal at the meeting because he believed that all mothers in the world would feel the same if they were in her circumstance. 

Later, Lee Byung-hun worked as a model for Daewoo Motors Tico. When the “5 billion won” blackmailing scandal arose, the actor reportedly flew to the U.S and apologized to former chairman Lee Woo-joong and his wife. 

According to reports at that time, Lee Byung-hun even knelt down and bowed to apologize in front of the chairman couple. 

Lee Byung-hun apologized to Mrs. Jung, “Mom, I’ve committed a grave sin. I’m so sorry for causing trouble”. Mrs. Jung answered, “What did you do wrong to me? Be nicer to your wife.”

Lee Byung-hun still continues this long relationship as he often visits the mortuary of former chairman Kim Woo-joong, who died on December 9th, 2019 due to chronic disease. 

Source: insight

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