Longest-Running Korean Variety Show “Running Man” Celebrates The 700th Episode

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” will be holding a celebration for the broadcast of its 700th episode

During the recent recording of the longest-running Korean variety show “Running Man”, the members celebrated the 700th episode, saying “It wasn’t easy to come all the way to episode 700”, “Let’s reach the 1000th episode!”, etc.

Later, they faced a group mission in which they had to protect the prize money of 7 million won. The members must follow the rule that the amount of money would decrease whenever each of them failed to complete the mission. The members united and raised the tension before starting the mission, saying “We’re not going to collapse!”.

Running man

Unlike their energetic appearances before playing games, the members got scared upon knowing what their group mission was. They exclaimed, “My heart is going to explode”, “Just let us do bungee jump”, “Episode 700 is really not easy…”, etc. However, the took on the challenge one by one with the determination to protect 7 million won.

Despite facing a crisis due to continuous failures, Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook, known as the aces of “Running Man”, stepped forward to raise the mood. Watching the two, the members said, “I think I’m gonna cry today. I’m so touched”, “Let’s work together today!!!”, etc.

Episode 700 of “Running Man” will air at 6:10 p.m., five minutes earlier than its usual broadcasting time, on April 14th.

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