Psy attracted attention with his slimmer body after losing weight

The star Gangnam Style surprised many fans with a marked change in physique, he was also very happy to interact with fans on social network

Appearing in the cover clip of the choreography “I’m Not Cool” by HyunA,  Psy attracted attention with his surprisingly slim appearance.  Many netizens left comments expressing surprise and admiration for the new body of the Korean male star.

Psy attracted attention with his slimmer body

Psy’s appearance after losing weight

In 2018, after leaving YG Entertainment, the male singer established his own record label, P Nation.  So far, P Nation is the home of other famous names such as Jessi, Heize, Crush, HyunA, and E’Dawn.  On January 28, HyunA just made a comeback with the super-hot MV “I’m Not Cool ”.  To support the junior’s comeback, Psy quickly made a cover and posted it on his personal page.

The video was just over ten seconds long but soon attracted the attention of the fans.  In particular, it seems that all attention is on his surprisingly slim body.  Previously, Psy was often remembered in the chubby image but now the male singer has become a completely different person.  Psy’s slimmer appearance makes the choreography more attractive.

Psy attracted attention with his slimmer body

Netizens were surprised with Psy’s new appearance

In the comment section, many netizens commented that the male singer was thinner than before, it is difficult to realize that “big belly man” danced Gangnam Style before.  Some other viewers said that Psy must have had a very successful weight loss, his body movement was softer and more seductive than before.  Fans also did not forget to send a message to the male artist to stay healthy.  In response to the comments from fans, Psy commented, “I’m sorry. I’ll maintain my figure.”

Some prominent comments:

 – Psy is great in HyunA’s choreography.

 – Psy was much thinner than before.  Please keep your health.

 – He looks so different from this appearance, the big belly man is gone but I like it.

 – Now call Psy Oppa.

Psy’s new appearance is still a hot topic for netizens.  What do you think about the Gangnam Style star’s slim body?

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