Rookie actress said to be “the next Suzy”: 3 leading roles in a year, outstanding acting abilities 

Why is this newbie Korean actress being compared to Suzy? 

The Korean acting industry is filled with great actors and actresses debuting every year, who, despite their inexperience, can be formidable names. Born in 1999, rookie actress Won Ji An is gaining attention for her great prospects, having starred in multiple big projects alongside co-stars with years of experience in the industry.

Won Ji An debuted under Hiin Entertainment with a minor role in Jung Hae In’s hit drama “D.P”. Despite her brief appearance, the actress drew immense attention as netizens compared her visuals to the “nation’s first love” Suzy. In fact, some even said that she is a combination between Suzy and Seo Hyun Jin, with outstanding acting skills despite her lack of experience. 

After “D.P”, Won Ji An boasts a rather smooth-sailing career, even landing a major role in the star-studded movie “A Year-End Medley”. Despite starring alongside big names like Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul, Im Yoona, Lee Kwang Soo, and more, Won Ji An didn’t fall behind, and even shine brighter in the series version of this project, which lasted for 6 episodes. 

Following “A Year-End Medley”, Won Ji An continued to establish herself on the small screen, playing the female lead in both seasons of seezn original web-drama “Hope or Dope”. While the series did not gain much popularity with its cast consisting of mostly new actors, Won Ji An still managed to receive critical acclaim.

In the upcoming month, Won Ji An will make another return via the K-drama “If You Wish Upon Me”, starring alongside popular cast members like Ji Chang Wook, SNSD Sooyoung, and the “nation’s father” Sung Dong Il, signaling another big breakthrough. While there’s little information about Ji An’s character, Ha Joon Kyung, it was confirmed that this role will share a lot of frames with Ji Chang Wook’s character Yoon Gyeo Rye – who leads an extremely difficult life. 

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