Netizens dissed weathercaster for criticizing the portrayal of their job in “The Glory”

“The Glory” may have “glamorized” the job of weathercasters according to a professional, but netizens believe otherwise.

On January 8th, MBC weathercaster Kim Ga Young posted on Instagram, “As an over-immersive fan of ‘The Glory’, this is a weathercaster fact check!”

In particular, she emphasized the fact that actress Lim Ji Yeon’s character called weathercasting a “moderately glamorous job“, saying, “A moderately glamorous job? Weather casting is a job that requires hard work. With a sense of mission to be responsible for not only the daily life but also the safety of people, it is unlikely that a weathercaster would ask other people to write their scripts. In fact, it should be the caster’ responsibility”.

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

At the same time, Kim Ga Young said, “Actress Lim Ji Yeon makes for a confident weather caster” and added, “I have become a fan of how hard you’ve worked. I also stayed up all night and watched everything at once, but when will season 2 come in March?”

Fellow Weathercaster Ahn Hye Kyung, who read the post, drew attention by commenting “approved” along with an applause emoticon

ahn hye kyung

To this, Kim Ga Young also added warmth by responding, “Legend ♥ I respect you my sister♥”.

On the other hand, singer Kisum cheered, “I know best how wonderful my sister is♥” and “Thank you for always telling me the weather.”

kim ga young

On the other hand, netizens believe that Kim Ga Young might have overreacted and missed the true message of the series, and left scathing comments under her post.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Do you have a low level of understanding. That’s why Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) chose to be a caster, but her actions of getting others to write the script for her is supposed to depict her as the villain. Why do you feel the need to fact check?
  • The weathercaster in “The Glory” is a fictional character. I don’t think any adults with brains will think that she is an accurate depiction
  • Isn’t there a scene in the drama where other weathercasters curse Park Yeon Jin Park for not writing the manuscript herself…?
  • The topic of the drama is bullying, but you thought the topic was a weathercaster
  • Kim Ga Young, do you even care about weathercasting these days? All I see you do is get gigs as an entertainer.

Source: Instagram, wikitree

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