Kim Sae Ron to drop out of upcoming drama “Trolley” after DUI incident 

Kim Sae Ron apologizes for DUI and announces her departure from “Trolley”. 

After being arrested and coming under police investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol, causing property damage, and fleeing the scene in Gangnam, Seoul on May 18th, Kim Sae Ron is in hot water. 

Earlier today (May 19th), the actress is confirmed to be withdrawing from the upcoming SBS’s drama “Trolley”. An official from Studio S told MyDaily, “Kim Sae Ron’s agency apologized and expressed her intention to withdraw and the drama’s side accepted it.”

Kim Sae-ron

Moreover, in Gold Medalist’s latest statement, the agency acknowledged Kim Sae Ron’s mistake and apologized, saying, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern due to Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving. Kim Sae Ron deeply reflects on her wrongdoing. She expresses sincere apologies to many people who suffered damage and inconvenience from the accident and to those who are working hard to restore damaged public facilities. She will do her best to help in the restoration of damages.” 

Kim Sae Ron was also filming Netflix’s series “Bloodhounds”. On the same day Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving was reported, “Bloodhounds” side made a brief announcement, saying, “The drama is currently being filmed. The filming schedule will be adjusted later, and we will inform you as soon as the release schedule is sufficiently discussed.”

Kim Sae-ron

The production crew of SBS’s “Trolley” was cautious by saying that they were looking into the incident, but only a day later, Kim Sae Ron’s departure from the cast has been confirmed. Before her appearance got cancelled, Kim Sae Ron was set to play Kim Soo Bin, a character who is entangled with Jung Do (Park Hee Soon), a member of the National Assembly, and his wife Hye Joo (Kim Hyun Joo), in “Trolley”. 

Source: Daum, Dispatch

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