Malaysian Actress Queenzy Cheng Passes Away at 37 While Filming

Malaysian singer and actress Queenzy Cheng’s sudden death at 37 has been announced 

On November 28th, news of Queenzy Cheng’s death was revealed through her personal social media account.

Queenzy Cheng, who was filming since the morning, suddenly complained of dizziness and discomfort. After losing consciousness, she passed away approximately 40 minutes later.

At the filming site, a local artist was also present. They said that Queenzy Cheng’s arrived at the set around 8 in the morning. After breakfast, filming began around 8:30, and at that time, Queenzy Cheng showed no signs of having any health issues.

After completing the first part of the shoot, Queenzy Cheng adjusted her makeup around 10:30 a.m. and prepared for the second part of filming. 

While sitting in a chair after drying her hair, Queenzy Cheng mentioned feeling dizzy, having a headache, and experiencing vomiting. Despite emergency treatment by on-site staff, her lips, hands, and feet turned blue shortly after.

Although an ambulance arrived within 5 minutes, Queenzy Cheng had already passed away. The cause of her death is pending autopsy results.

Queenzy Cheng debuted in 1986 as part of the Malaysian four-member girl group ‘M-Girls.’ She has been active as an actress. 

Queenzy Cheng’s’s body is scheduled to be transported to Perlis, Malaysia, her place of birth, for the funeral.

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