RM, the leader of K-pop group BTS, made a splash with his fashion sense at his first luxury fashion show and declared that he will start modeling as a side job

BTS’s leader RM, also known as ‘God of Destruction’ and ‘Rap Monster’, caught attention as he attended a fashion show for the first time since his debut.

On February 26th (Korean time), RM attended the Bottega Veneta fashion show for the 2023 F/W Milan Fashion Week, catching attention for his first-ever appearance at a fashion show since his debut.

On this day, RM appeared in formal Bottega Veneta attire, wearing a clean black fashion that matched his usual image.

The trendy collar ride stood out, and the wide sleeves that looked comfortable and fell nicely were impressive. As someone with a slender physique, RM pulled off the all-black outfit perfectly. Instead of neatly tucking in his sleeves, he unbuttoned them all and layered a white T-shirt underneath, showcasing his excellent fashion sense. W Korea and Cosmopolitan Korea’s Instagram accounts also posted a video that captured his shining style.

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Another impressive aspect that highlighted his sense of style was the attention he paid to his shoes rather than his clothes. He matched his black and white outfit with burgundy shoes.

His appearance at the fashion show shone brightly and it was hard to believe that it was his ‘first time’. His thoughtful expression gave off the impression of a fashion designer.

bts rm

Fans reacted with comments such as “Let’s become a model starting today”, “RM is truly the representative of BTS”, “What a fit, show us more” upon seeing RM’s appearance at the fashion show.

Source: Insight

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