Shin Hyun-been & Ryu Jun-yeol Review Offers To Appear In Yeon Sang-ho’s New Film ‘Revelation’

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol and Shin Hyun-been have been cast in the movie “Revelation”

On November 28th, the news of Shin Hyun-been and Ryu Jun-yeol’s appearances in the new film “Revelation” by director Yeon Sang-ho was reported. 

In response, Shin Hyun-been’s agency YooBorn Company said to Xports News, saying “The actress is reviewing the script”. Ryu Jun-yeol’s agency C-JeS Studios also stated, “The actor is positively considering the casting offer”.

shin hyun bin

“Revelation” is a new project by director Yeon Sang-ho and it was previously serialized as a webtoon. It depicts the story of a paster with a mission to set up a church in a provincial city where a large apartment complex is under construction. As a criminal appears in the area and his son goes missing, the pastor receives a revelation that the culprit is an ex-convict.

According to reports, Ryu Jun-yeol will take on the role of the pastor, while Shin Hyun-been was offered the role of the detective who chases after the pastor. 

Ryu Jun-yeol

Attention is focused on whether Ryu Jun-yeol and Shin Hyun-been will agree to appear in the movie and join “Yeon Sang-ho’s Universe”.

Meanwhile, Yeon Sang-ho is the famous director who made popular films such as “Train To Busan”, “Psychokinesis”, “Peninsula”, “Jung_E”, etc.

Source: Daum

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