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Kim Jong-kook paid the tuition fees for his plastic surgeon brother for 10 years and gifted an 800 million apartment to his parents (Entertainment Weekly)

Kim Jong-kook showed his affection for his family on a different scale.

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly”, which aired on September 8th, revealed the ranking of BEST 8 Stars Who Gave Big Gifts To Their Families.

Kim Jong-kook was named at 4th place on the list. Kim Jong-kook is a reliable younger brother who paid the tuition fees of his brother, who is a plastic surgeon, for 10 years. He is also known as an uncle who becomes a fool when it comes to his nephews and nieces as he often buys gifts, such as snacks, shoes, and clothes, for them.

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Appearing on an entertainment show in the past, Kim Jong-kook revealed that he paid his brother’s tuition, saying “I paid his tuition for 10 years until he became a resident”. As the tuition fee for a student in the medical department of university A is about 10 million won a year, then the amount of money he paid in 10 years might be up to 100 million won.

Above all, the apartment in Anyang that Kim Jong-kook purchased for his parents is said to be approximately 800 million won. Kim Jong-kook said, “I started doing everything for them right now with the thought that my parents would not be able to wait until I was ready”, proving himself as a good son who travels anywhere in the world with his parents.

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The last gift that Kim Jong-kook’s parents want is his marriage. In this regard, Kim Jong-kook agreed, “I should be a good son who gets married quickly and let them hold their grandchildren in their arms”, showing his warm love for his family.

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