This celebrity lost more than 30kg after appearing on a survival TV show and debuted a goddess

Singer Park Boram appeared on Mnet’s “Superstar K 2” in 2010.

Singer Park Boram appeared on Mnet’s “Superstar K 2” in 2010 before making her official debut with ”Beautiful”. She is loved for her outstanding vocal skills and attractive voice.

Park Bo-ram also actively participated in the OST field, and in particular, she gained great popularity by remaking The Zoo’s ballad song “Hyehwa-dong” in the tvN drama “Reply 1988.”

Park Bo-ram, who showed a cutesy charm in the past when she appeared on “Superstar K 2”, later succeeded in losing 32kg through diet and became a hot topic for showing an unexpected charm different from before her debut.

Many envies her steady exercise and diet control, which help her maintain a slim figure without any yo-yo effect.

Recently, Park Bo-ram released her new song “When I Look At You” after three years, signaling her return to the music scene. Park Bo-ram drew attention by announcing her comeback through her new hairstyle, which is long pink hair, through SNS.

“When I Look at You” is a song that expresses one’s grateful and happy heart toward their loved one on a refreshing track with guitar riffs. Park Bo-ram’s agency said, “We are preparing for her to promote on music shows again three years after ‘I Want to Do’ was released in 2019, and she will continue to engage in more active music activities, so please look forward to and pay a lot of attention to Park Bo-ram.”

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