“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Hanbada squad in an alternate universe: Young Woo has a wife, Jun Ho is kissed by a man? 

The past roles of the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast are surprisingly similar. 

Looking back at the past dramas starring the leading actors of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, their on-screen “couples” may not be what you had in mind. 

Kang Tae Oh – “The Tale of Nokdu”

In “The Tale of Nokdu”, Kang Tae Oh and co-star Jang Dong Yoon both have feelings for the female lead Kim So Hyun. However, thanks to their amazing chemistry, the two are even “shipped” together more than each of them with Kim So Hyun. 

At the beginning of the drama, Jang Dong Yoon disguised himself as a woman to hide his real identity. There is even a scene where he and Kang Tae Oh shared a passionate kiss, surprising everyone including Kim So Hyun. Kang Tae Oh and Jang Dong Yoon’s solid visual combination and natural chemistry are what make many viewers fall in love with their scenes together. 

Park Eun Bin – “The King’s Affection”

Park Eun Bin has starred alongside various actors throughout her career and sparked convincing chemistry with all of them, regardless of male or female. One of the most loved on-screen couples starring Park Eun Bin is actually not with a man, but Jung Chae Yeon in “The King’s Affection”. Their relationship also caused much regret for viewers. 

Like Jang Dong Yoon, Park Eun Bin also took on a cross-dressing role in “The King’s Affection”. She disguised herself as a man to live under the identity of her dead twin brother Lee Hwi, a Crown Prince, and was later crowned the King. Lee Hwi and Jung Chae Yeon’s character Noh Ha Kyung have been set for a royal marriage since they were little. Noh Ha Kyung was against it at first, but she ends up developing real feelings for Lee Hwi, without knowing she’s actually a woman. However, Lee Hwi is already in love with a man. 

Kang Ki Young – “My Secret Terrius”

In “My Secret Terrius”, the main character played by So Ji Sub is an NIS agent going on a mission where he pretends to be an ordinary man. He reluctantly becomes a babysitter for the twins as part of the job. During this mission, he befriends a stay-at-home dad played by Kang Ki Young. They team up and boast amazing chemistry. 

So Ji Sub and Kang Ki Young had a hilarious scene where their noses touched that went viral when the drama was broadcast. When So Ji Sub won Best Actor at a year-end award, the two even recreated this iconic scene on stage, drawing much laughter. 

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