Bang Yedam, “I still maintain a good relationship with TREASURE”

In a recent interview for his solo debut, Bang Yedam explained his departure from his former group, TREASURE

On November 23, Bang Yedam officially debuted as a solo artist with the release of his first mini album “Only One”.

To commemorate this milestone, Bang Yedam had an interview at the StarNews headquarters, where he discussed various things, including the reason he left YG Entertainment and his former group TREASURE

bang yedam

In particular, the male idol said, “I had a picture, dream, and vision of myself that I had dreamed of since I was a trainee”, adding, “I debuted as a team and learned and experienced a lot within it. It was a really good experience. However, I think the musical thirst to strengthen my producing capabilities and express the inspiration I received and the ideas I felt more freely was always at the back of my mind.


Bang Yedam also added, “Of course, working together (with Treasure members) was also fun and happy. However, there was a part of my heart that thought, ‘I will fulfill my true purpose well.’ “I don’t think I could be 100% happy because I had questions about whether it was there”.

Bang Yedam also mentioned that he retains a good relationship with TREASURE members, saying, “We contacted each other during the holidays and we are on good terms. When I decided to leave the group, the members were surprised at first, but later they understood my opinion and supported me.”

Source: StarNews via Sportal Korea

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