BLACKPINK Rosé surprises Jisoo in LA for “Flower” MV shooting 

Rosé, a member of BLACKPINK, made a surprise visit to LA to support Jisoo who was filming the MV for her solo debut. 

On April 26th, a video was published on Jisoo’s YouTube channel, “Happiness Index 103%”, showing the process of Jisoo filming her solo music video “Flower”. At the time, Jisoo was in LA, and Rosé made a surprise visit to the set. 

With heavy bags in both hands, Rosé boasted, “I’ve come to Universal Studios with tteokbokki  (Korean spicy rice cakes) in my hands.”

The female idol then wished for a successful surprise, saying, “I really hope I pull off this surprise since I failed at the airport. I brought all this stuff.”

At the same time, Rosé caused laughter with her somewhat clumsy appearance, such as screaming in surprise when she discovered her tongue turned blue after eating candy with coloring.

Entering the set with the door open, Rosé approached Jisoo while singing “Congratulations on the tteokbokki.” Jisoo was startled to recognize Rosé belatedly. Jisoo called out to Rosé, asking “Where did you get the tteokbokki from?”, and expressed her joy by adding, “I feel like I’m in Korea when I see you.”

Meanwhile, the excited Rosé said, “I was surprised by how you were standing right at the door”, to which Jisoo revealed she was about to head out. 

Then, Jisoo showed Rosé the point choreography of her new song, and Rosé reacted with an impressive “That’s amazing,” demonstrating her skills asthe master of reaction”. 

Source: TV Report

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