K-netizens Discussed SM’s Poor Overseas Performance Compared To YG, JYP And HYBE

Many believe the main reason is that SM’s out-of-date music

On December 3, a post was made on the popular Korean forum theqoo with the title “4 major agencies (SM, YG, JYP, HYBE)’s overseas performance.”

This post compiled the performance of artists from 4 biggest entertainment companies in Korea. According to the list attached in the post, HYBE has two artists, BTS (No. 1) and NewJeans (No. 48), that made it into the Billboard Hot 100, while JYP has TWICE (No.83) and Stray Kids (No.90), YG has BLACKPINK (No.13) and SM has none.


In the list of Top 10 KPOP songs with the most accumulated streams on Spotify in 2023, there are 6 HYPE songs, 0 JYP song, 3 songs by YG while SM has 0 songs.

Finally, in the “TOP 10 KPOP Artists With The Most Streams On Spotify” category, 7 artists are from HYPE (BTS/Jungkook/NewJeans/Jimin/SEVENTEEN/TXT/Le Sserafim), JYP has 2 teams (Stray Kids/TWICE), YG has BLACKPINK and none of the groups is from SM.

Upon seeing this post, many fans have left their comments, criticizing SM for their lacking achievements. Some of the comments include, “That’s why SM is obsessed with awards and ending performances,” “SM LOL LOL, no one can understand the number of Daesangs they got in Korea,” “I think we need to look at the profits, not this, like the size of their concerts, “NewJeans is really amazing,” “SM doesn’t sound trendy anymore, their music is tacky.”

As of December 4, after only one day, the original post has gathered approximately 44,000 views and more comments are being made.

What is your opinion?

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