Park Yoochun banned from engaging in activities in the entertainment industry both domestically and overseas

Park Yoochun’s attempt to return to the entertainment industry remains unsuccessful.

According to exclusive news reported by YTN on September 27, the 50th Civil Division of the Seoul District Court has rejected the request of Park Yoochun to cancel his broadcast ban previously filed by the agency Have Fun Together (formerly Yesperar). Last year, Park Yoochun got into a dispute with his former agency Re:Cielo, founded by the manager who had worked with him for a long time. After that, the former JYJ member entered a legal battle with Yesperar, the agency to which that Re:Cielo transferred the management rights of Park Yoochun. 

At the time, Park Yoochun was accused by his agency of breaching the contract when he signed with a company in Japan at the same time while the validity of his contract with Re:Cielo was still until 2024. The court then accepted the request to forbid Park Yoochun’s broadcasting appearances and entertainment activities submitted by his agency. 

The court announced, “Until the final judgment on the case, Park Yoochun is not allowed to participate in the production of albums or videos, filming commercials, selling character models, appearing on TV or engaging in entertainment activities for a third party other than Yesperar”. This means that Park Yoochun’s domestic and foreign entertainment activities are legally suspended.

In response to the ban, Park Yoochun filed a request to lift this ban in order to return to the entertainment industry, but the court did not accept it. In the midst of a tense dispute with his former agency, Park Yoochun will reportedly reunite with fans this October through the movie “Dedicated to Evil”. However, it will be difficult for him to participate in future promotions for the movie due to the ban.

Source: allkpop

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