“He’s living in Thailand. He wants to return to the entertainment industry”… Park Yoo-chun’s whereabouts reported ahead of his new film release

As singer-actor Park Yoo-chun is about to return through a new movie called “On The Edge”, officials in the entertainment industry are reporting his current status.

According to OSEN on September 15th, an official close to Park Yoo-chun said, “Park Yoo-chun wants to return to the Korean entertainment industry through this movie”. They also gave compliments on Park Yoo-chun’s acting skills.

Another official added, “Since domestic public opinion toward Park Yoo-chun is not really good, it will not be easy for him to make a comeback. However, he is still keeping an eye on how the situation will turn out to be.”

Park Yoochun

Park Yoo-chun received a probation sentence for drug use in 2019. He then continued to release albums and perform in Korea and overseas. However, in November last year, Park Yoo-chun’s agency Yespera filed an injunction against him to ban his broadcasting and entertainment activities

Park Yoo-chun got cast for “On The Edge” after being sentenced on charges of taking drugs. It is known that the production team cast Park Yoo-chun as the male lead after considering his overseas market. However, if the domestic release is postponed longer, the movie might miss its timing so the production team decided to release the movie in October this year.

Park Yoochun

According to officials, Park Yoo-chun and director Kim Si-woo will not attend the press conference and interviews for the movie. In addition, a representative from the production team of “On The Edge” said to OSEN, “We are currently in contact with Park Yoo-chun but cannot reach him”. Park Yoo-chun has been living abroad for two years, traveling back and forth between Thailand, Japan and China. He is known to be living in the Southeast Asian country. 

Source: Dispatch

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