Top 5 most famous idols in K-Pop history voted by Korean netizens

Park Yoo Chun is also one of the names mentioned in this chart.

Recently, users of Pann Nate forum have voted for a list of most famous idols in K-Pop history. Among the winning names, there’s no trace of any 3rd generation idol (BTS, EXO, TWICE…). All of them are from the 1st and 2nd generation when the K-Pop wave was growing fast, established a launcher for 3rd generation to enter the international market.

Male artist chart


Park Yoo Chun is in 1st place. He used to be a member of the legendary TVXQ. After his departure from TVXQ and promoting as a part of JYJ, Park Yoo Chun still maintained his fame in both the singing and acting fields. According to the Korean netizens, Park Yoo Chun was at the peak of his career from 2004 to 2015. However, his career is now all gone due to his relation with drug charges along with ex-girlfriend Hwang Hana.


Kim Jun Su is in 2nd place with his prime time being from 2004 to 2015. Similar to Park Yoo Chun, after leaving TVXQ, his career was still very successful. Jun Su along with JYJ got themselves countless of achievement in Japan. In Korea, even though he was banned by SM, his name still didn’t lose its heat. After finishing his enlistment in November 2018, fans are highly expecting his upcoming solo activities.


Another ex-member from TVXQ – Kim Jae Joong – is in 3rd place with the same prime time with his other members. After leaving TVXQ in 2009, Jae Joong along with Jun Su and Yoo Chun became JYJ. Ever since that milestone, the prime time of his singing career and business started.


In 4th place is BIG BANG’s leader, G-Dragon. Netizens said his most famous moments started in 2012. He is currently serving his military service.


Last but not least, is Kim Hyun Joong, a member of SS501. He used to be super popular in many Asian countries after his role in “Boys Over Flower” and even became the most powerful male idol of K-Pop during the 2008 – 2012 period. However, he started going downhill after his assault scandal regarding his ex-girlfriend was exposed.

Female artist chart


Lee Hyo Ri (Fin.K.L’s ex-member) is in 1st place. Her fame was at its top from 1999 to 2010. Even in her U40, Lee Hyori still owns an irresistible charm of a top diva that no juniors can follow.


Ever since her debut with Girls’ Generation in 2007, Tae Yeon has been noticed by her talent and soulful voice. Her fame started in 2009. At the moment, Tae Yeon is still one of the most successful female solo artists of K-Pop.


YoonA is in 3rd place of the female artist chart. Just like Tae Yeon, YoonA was the most popular from 2009 when Girls’ Generation was seen all over Asia with their hits like “Oh”, “Gee”, “Tell Me Your Wish”,…After 10 years, YoonA still maintains her beauty and fame, and is loved by many brands and film producers.


This chart won’t be legit without the name of Suzy (Miss A’s ex-member) in 4th place. According to netizens, Suzy’s fame started from 2012 after the drama “Dream High” was aired. Her bright and pure image was what the Korean fans was looking for. She is called “the nation’s first love” ever since 2012 ‘til now, and no one has been able to replace that title of her.


In 5th place is the ex-leader of 2NE1 – CL. After 2011, with many big hits like “I’m The Best”, “Lonely”,…CL rose to become one of the top female K-Pop stars. CL is the first female idol to conquer the girl crush concept. However, 2NE1’s activity was frozen due to Park Bom’s illegal drug scandal and they disbanded 2 years after. CL’s solo career is also delayed by YG. It has been 3 years since her latest song and she might need more time to be able to return to the K-Pop race.

Source: iOne

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