K-netizens comment on Zerobaseone Zhang Hao’s personality

A netizen said, “Sung Hanbin complimented Zhang Hao for folding the boxes well. Zhang Hao replied, ‘I’m No.1 no matter what I do.’

This person added, “Sung Hanbin just cheered him on, but he emphasized that he’s No.1 insensitively in front of Sung Hanbin… It wasn’t even the right timing for him to say that he’s No.1. He seemed very narcissistic.

sung hanbin

Original post: Pann

The Pann article regarding this became a hot topic with over 31,000 views as of the morning of June 23rd. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

– Zhang Hao’s personality is really… I feel sorry for Zhang Hao’s fans.

– He’s ego-splitting.

– You guys are starting to make mischief again. Zerobaseone, ignore them.

– He’s the only ISFP (in Zerobaseone). I think he’s nice and cute.

– Zhang Hao won the popularity vote on Korean sites such as Women’s Generation and DC Boys Planet Gallery. He seems to have many fans on Nate Pann too.

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