“I dream of becoming a muscle queen”, SNSD Yuri boasted cleaved back muscles 

SNSD Yuri shocked fans and netizens alike as she revealed her current health situation

On August 25th, SNSD Yuri posted a video on her Instagram story titled “I dream of becoming a muscle queen”

In the video, Yuri is doing weight training at the gym, everytime she pulls the weight bar, strong muscles are revealed, causing netizens to gasp.

Contrary to her innocent appearance, Yuri’s strong body and concentration on exercising created an unexpected reversal charm. Some netizens even exclaim that just looking at Yuri, they felt the desire and energy to lose weight. 

Previously, during the recording for SNSD’s performance at a music show, Yuri flaunted her biceps with a strong pose and drew out fans’ shout. 

SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation), the group to which Yuri belongs, recently made a comeback with their album “FOREVER 1” and title song of the same name. Meanwhile, Yuri is co-starring with actor Jung Il Woo in the new Wednesday-Thursday K-drama “Good Job”, which airs on ENA channel. 

Source: wikitree

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