K.Will looks like Hyun Bin and Kang Daniel in his childhood photo?

K.Will was briefly mistaken for Hyun Bin and Kang Daniel.

In TV Chosun’s entertainment program ‘Forsythia Academy’ broadcast on April 18th, singers K.Will and Young Tak appeared as guests.

Before K.Will and Young Tak came out, there was a quiz to guess which guests would appear based on their childhood photos.

When K.Will’s photo was shown, Boom said, “He looks like an actor. Isn’t that Hyun Bin?” Kim Taeyeon then said, “It can’t be Hyun Bin. He is married so he can’t appear here,” with Boom replying in a surprised tone, “Married people can come out too.”

Boom then looked at K.Will’s picture again and asked, “Doesn’t he look like Kang Daniel?”, but Lim Ji-min strongly refuted. 

When Young Tak appeared, Kim Yu Ha was stunned and covered her mouth. Young Tak greeted Jeong Dong Won with a friendly pat. 

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