Japanese Girl Group UNICODE Ventures into the K-pop Market 

The girl group UNICODE, selected from the largest audition in Japanese history, "Project K," is entering the K-pop market

The YouTube channel ‘ALL THE K-POP’ will premiere ‘UNICODE: On and Off’ every Friday at 6 p.m. KST starting from February 23rd, revealing the debut process and K-pop journey of the rookie girl group UNICODE.

Composed entirely of Japanese members, UNICODE is a five-member group selected from the largest online audition in Japanese history, ‘Project K,’ with the determination to create a significant impact not only in K-pop but also in Japan.

‘UNICODE: On and Off’ is a reality show depicting the debut process of UNICODE. It will showcase the path and efforts UNICODE members have taken for their debut, as well as their real struggles to survive in the challenging K-pop scene.

‘UNICODE: On and Off’ will feature various stories, including the daily lives of UNICODE preparing for debut, acting classes, hobbies, and debut countdown, allowing global fans to meet them even before their debut.

‘UNICODE: On and Off’ will be released every Friday at 6 p.m. KST on the YouTube channel ‘ALL THE K-POP’ starting from February 23rd, offering a glimpse into the charm and talent of members from the largest audition in Japanese history.

Source: wikitree

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