Remembrance of one year since actress Oh In Hye passed away

It has been a year since actor On In Hye passed away on September 14, 2020, at the age of 36.

On the morning of September 14, 2020, Oh In Hye was found unconscious at her home in Songdo International, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, by her friend and was immediately taken to the hospital. However, she was later diagnosed with death because of cardiac arrest on the same day. She did regain breathing and pulse after receiving CPR at the hospital, but was struggling to regain consciousness and couldn’t open her eyes again.


After investigating the CCTVs around Oh In Hye’s house and the confirmations from the actress’s visitors, the police found no acts of murder and believed that her death was due to suicide. However, an autopsy was conducted to confirm the exact cause of her death. As a result, the investigation was closed after receiving the autopsy report that it was a death due to her depression.

Actress Oh In Hye debuted in 2011 with the drama ‘Sin f a Family’. She made her name known to the public with the drama Red Vacance Black Wedding released in the same year. Oh In Hye drew the attention of movie fans by wearing a shocking dress at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival. Then, she acted in various movies, such as ‘A Journey with Korean Masters’ (2013), ‘Eating Talking Faucking’ (2013), ‘Secret Travel’ (2013), ‘No Breathing’ (2013), and The Plan (2014).

Although she mostly acted in movies, she also met the TV viewers through various dramas, such as ‘The King’s Doctor’ (2012), ‘KBS Drama Special – Return Home’ (2012). She also participated in some entertainment programs, such as ‘Dating Without Me’ (2017) and ‘Oh In Hye’s secret’ (2018).

Actress Oh In Hye fell asleep at Incheon Family Park.

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