Netizens Admire the Extent and Longevity of IU’s CF Deals 

Despite being recently embroiled in a concert ticket controversy, IU maintains her high status in the advertisement world. 

At late night on April 11, a topic detailing IU’s CF deals over the years was published on the Korean forum “theqoo” and has since garnered significant attention with over 50,000 views and 260 comments. 

According to the topic, IU not only boasts an impressive repertoire when it comes with advertisement contracts, but also maintains good relationships with the brands she represents for a long time. 

Notable CF deals of IU include accessory brand J.ESTINA, luxury fashion house Gucci (ambassador), alcohol line Chamisul, sports brand New Balance (ambassador), Pepsi, Woori Bank, Domino’s Pizza, and most recently, IU became the global ambassador for luxury beauty brand Estee Lauder

It seems that IU is doing well in overcoming the recent concert ticket controversy. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The brands aren’t idiots, they hire IU due to her good image 
  • That’s a lot of CF deals that last for a long time. It’s really impressive
  • IU’s popularity and image are both top-notch, so of course advertisers love her 
  • It seems that she is doing well even after the concert ticket issue.

Source: theqoo

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