Turning points in Song Hye Kyo’s acting career discovered only after “The Glory”: from reunion with ‘ex-lover’ PD to a blind heiress 

Song Hye Kyo recently surprised everyone with her new face as well as her persuasive and impactful acting in the revenge drama “The Glory”.

Released on December 30th, 2022, Netflix’s original series “The Glory” depicts the revenge plan carefully prepared by Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who suffered severe school violence during her childhood. Within three days of its release, the drama quickly rose to 3rd place in Netflix Global TOP 10 TV Shows (non-English) and recorded 25.41 million viewing hours. In particular, “The Glory” was listed on TOP 10 of the Netflix chart in 19 countries, including Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Morocco, Hong Kong, etc.

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Before “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo stood out as a “Melodrama Queen”. “Autumn in My Heart”, “All In”, “Full House” (released in the 2000s) and “Descendants of the Sun”, “Encounter”, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (released in the 2010s) are considered Song Hye Kyo’s representative works. Song Hye Kyo’s melodramatic acting, which is expressed through her emotional eyes and classic vibe, creates positive energy and lyrical feelings that impress many viewers.

Although Song Hye is a master in melodramas, she also has hidden talents for other genres. In fact, the actress had shown her variety acting spectrum before but the public belatedly realized it only after the success of “The Glory”. Therefore, let’s look through works that marked the turning points in Song Hye Kyo’s acting performances.

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“The World That They Live In” (2008) | Wavve, Coupang Play

“The World That They Live In” is about the life and love of people working at a drama production department of a broadcasting company and those around them. Song Hye Kyo appears in this series as Joo Joon Young, a new drama PD who draws keen attention from broadcasters. Joo Joon Young meets Jung Ji Oh (Hyun Bin), whom she dated back in her college days, in the same drama department. Problems appear when Joo Joon Young applies for a drama project directed by Jung Ji Oh.


Depicting the love story between Jung Ji Oh and Joo Joon Young, which is a kind of office romance, “The World That They Live In” follows the basic framework of a melodrama but it also contains stories about life. Song Hye Kyo perfectly portrayed Joo Joon Young, who made the drama with her strong belief and showed an ambitious and bold side despite facing difficulties as a female PD. The character impressed the audience with her honest personality as she expresses both complaints and lovely charms towards her boyfriend. The narration that points out the meaning of life through daily moments conveyed messages in a calm and smooth way. At that time, Song Hye Kyo’s stylish short hair became a trend that was followed by many female viewers.

“That Winter, the Wind Blows” (2013) |  Netflix, Wavve, Coupang Play, TVing

In “That Winter, the Wind Blows”, a man living a meaningless life after being abandoned by his parents as a child and losing his first love meets a woman living a lonely and weary life due to her parents’ divorce, separation from her brother, and sudden visual impairment. It is a story about finding the meaning of love. Oh Young, played by Song Hye Kyo, despite suffering from the pain of visual impairment, she manages herself thoroughly 24 hours a day to secure her own area. Oh Soo (Jo In Sung), who needs money, goes to visit Oh Young, claiming to be her brother who has disappeared and makes Oh Young go through a life change.

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“That Winter, the Wind Blows” is a drama that combines thriller and romance. The breathtaking moments until Oh Soo’s identity is discovered provide the fun of a thriller. The sight of Oh Young’s colorful life, which was colorless, is touching and emotional. Her mother, who died without ever looking for her, the secretary who lied to her, and the head of her company who plotted to marry her for her money. The image of Song Hye Kyo standing precariously in a cruel world is memorable. Although she suffers from a visual impairment, Oh Young lives as if everything can be seen with her own two eyes. Song Hye Kyo tries not to show her flaws to others and treats strangers more coldly, stirring a sorrowful wind in viewers’ hearts.

“The Glory” (2022) |  Netflix

“The Glory” is the story of a victim of school violence, Moon Dong Eun, who has been preparing for a long time to get revenge on her perpetrators. Moon Dong Eun attempted suicide after being brutally bullied. However, as she dreams of confronting the leader of the school violence, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) again, she becomes an elementary school teacher and Park Yeon Jin’s daughter’s homeroom teacher. At the same time, the participants of the school violence are holding their breath one by one.

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There is also a melodrama element in “The Glory”. Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun), who has strange feelings for Moon Dong Eun, decides to become an accomplice in her revenge. 

Song Hye Kyo’s acting in “The Glory” is cool and solid. Viewers feel sorry for Song Hye Kyo, who seems to be gnawing away at her revenge, but on the other hand, it is thrilling to see her thrust a merciless “knife blade” at the perpetrators. Song Hye Kyo’s revenge, which calmly drives the perpetrators to destruction at the end, is “elegant”. Her vengeful spirit hidden behind a fake smile gives viewers goosebumps. 

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