Alleged pre-surgery photo of “Single’s Inferno 2” Shin Seul Ki was revealed, netizens are in awe of how different she looks now 

Netizens belived her father, a famous plastic surgeon, had something to do with her current image. 

After “Single’s Inferno” season 2 aired on Netflix, Miss Chunhyang 2020 Shin Seul Ki stole the spotlight when she was sought after by three guys on the show. As a pageant for starter, it came as no surprise when Shin Seul Ki’s visual was strongly praised on the show. When YouTuber Kim Jin Young first came to the show, he said it was of her beauty that he chose to have a meal with her. 

Shin Seul Ki
Shin Seul Ki, the hottest face on “Single’s Inferno” season 2 

A flawless visual as she is, netizens are getting curious if Shin Seul Ki has gone through any cosmetic surgeries before. When a photo from her school years was revealed, netizens speculated that she had.

Shin Seul Ki
Past photo of Shin Seul Ki 
Single's Inferno
2020 Miss Chunhyang winner’s current visual

She was also uncovered to born into a wealthy family. Her father is a top cosmetic surgeon in Korea with a private hospital. He is considered one of the highest-earning surgeons in Korea for developing a long-standing botox brand. Therefore, a majority of netizens predicted her father had something to do with her current beauty. 

At Miss Chunhyang 2020, Shin Seul Ki was a prospective candidate for the grand title when she showed strength in figure, improvision and educational background. She was judged to have a beautiful smile, harmonious features that both shone on its own but still lived up to traditional standards. She was considered to be more beautiful than other winner of pageant or beauty contests from previous years. 

Shin Seul Ki
Miss Chunhyang 2020 Shin Seul Ki was praised to have an innocent image resembling a lot of famous Korean actresses 

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