Gong Yoo, who showed his love: “You don’t know? She’s the prettiest thing when she sleeps”

Famous actor Gong Yoo showed off his affections for his special lady.

On the afternoon of July 4th, actor Gong Yoo posted several photos on Instagram with the caption “You don’t know? She’s the prettiest thing when she sleeps… Good Night!

The series of photos showed one of Gong Yoo’s two cats, who was lazing around in the actor’s house. 

The cute post quickly drew the attention of netizens, who found Gong Yoo’s sweet and caring side for his cat extremely endearing. The actor has always been fond of cats, and he himself raises an egyptian mau and a scottish fold. 

After achieving massive success with his small screen return “Goblin”, Gong Yoo starred in the Netflix series “The Silent Sea”, which aired on December 24th of last year. This sci-fi K-drama tells the story of an elite crew who travels to an abandoned research base on the moon, and is set in a future earth, which is depleted of essential resources. 

“The Silent Sea” boasts a star-studded cast with extremely talented faces, including Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, Lee Moo Saeng, Lee Sung Wook, and many more. 

Source: nate

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