Japanese actress A dies by suicide after exposing a director in his 60s for sexual assault 

An actress who revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a famous Japanese film director has passed away.

The Japanese weekly news magazine Bunshun reported on January 27th that actress A, who exposed the sex crimes of film director Sion Sono (61), passed away early this year by suicide.

Sion Sono

Previously, suspicions were raised in April 2022 that Sion Sono had been asking actresses to sleep with him under the pretext of their appearances in his movies.

According to actress A, Sion Sono demanded to sleep with A, but when A refused, he called another actress and committed atrocities such as having sex in front of A.

sexual assault

As these suspicions spread, Sion Sono apologized, saying, “As a film director, I was not considerate of the people around me,” but also hinted that he would take legal actions, saying, “There are many things that are different from the truth.”

However, as A passed away by suicide, the suspicion of Sion Sono’s sex crime is expected to resurface. 

Sion Sono was born in 1961 and is known for directing films such as “Cold Fish”, “Love Exposure”, and “Guilty of Romance”. 

Source: Wikitree. 

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