BTS to win the 45th Korean Broadcasting Award in Singer Category

The group Bangtan received the big honor at the ‘Korean Broadcasting Awards.’

BTS won the “singer award” at the 45th Korea Broadcasting Awards held at SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul at 3:00 p.m. on September 3rd.

BTS, who were unable to participate in the award ceremony due to their overseas schedule, expressed their appreciation through VCR.

BTSRM said, “Thank you so much for giving us such a big award, the
Singer Award of Korean Broadcasting Awards.” 

There are many people we want to send our thanks,” Suga added, “I really appreciate all the members who have become my strength, the staff, and the families who support me.”

Jin said, ” More than anyone else, we really appreciate and love our fan club ARMY. We will repay you with a better image.”

I’m so happy to hear so much good news this year. Especially, I’m so thankful to receive a big award at the Korea Broadcasting Awards,” said Jungkook.

V also spoke his mind, “We are going to work harder in the future, so please keep following and supporting us.

Lastly, Jimin said, “It is a pity that we cannot attend because we are on a world tour, but I hope that the video will convey our gratitude.”

Meanwhile, the award ceremony is hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Association on September 3rd to commemorate ‘Broadcasting Day‘ and is held by all 40 terrestrial broadcasters. This year’s broadcasting awards’ targets included 201 works and 88 broadcasters that were submitted through internal competition among terrestrial broadcasters nationwide, and 23 works and 22 broadcasters were delighted to win.

Source: Nate

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