Despite the rumors about her beauty, Karina (aespa) has been justified by a series of her childhood photos

With only 2 childhood photos, Karina made the fans go wild. 

Karina is one of those female idols whose beauty goes against the norm. Instead of having a soft appearance like other SM’s beauty icons, the leader of aespa “chooses her own path” with a sharp visual which is brand new to the K-pop entertainment industry.

Karina’s appearance has surprised fans many times since she looks  just like an AI.

She has surprised the audience by her perfect facial features on stage many times. However, thanks to her beauty, she has been accused of doing plastic surgery. 

In response to netizens’ questions, Karina’s fans tried to “justifyKarina with many shimmering images in the past. Recently, social media has spread 2 photos showing off the female idol’s childhood visuals, proving that SM‘s “beauty is born this way. 

The version of Karina in the “chubby baby” era made people excited because it was beyond imagination. Owning such a beauty like that, no wonder why she’s the top beauty of Gen 4. 

Currently, although the battle for the top female visuals of the new generation is not over yet, the audience is implicitly certain that Karina is one of the top candidates. Every moment of her on stage is unrealistically beautiful. Through the fan’s eyes, the beauty of SM‘s beauties has improved to a new level.

A few more pictures from Karina‘s predebut period:

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